I love you like Snape loves Lily.


on a dark desert highway,行驶在昏黑的沙漠公路上,

cool wind in my hair.凉风吹过我的头发。

warm smell of colitas,温馨的大麻香,

rising up through the air.弥漫在空气中。

up ahead in the distance,抬头遥望着远方,

I saw a shimmering light.我看到微弱的灯光。

my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim.我的头越来越沉,视线也变得模糊。

I had to stop for the night.我不得不停下来过夜。

there she stood in the doorway;她站在门口那儿招呼我

I heard the mission bell.我听到远处教堂的钟声。

and i was thinking to myself,然后我在心里对自己说

"this could be heaven or this could be hell".这里可能是天堂也有可能是地狱。

then she lit up a candle,然后她点燃了蜡烛,

and she showed me the way.给我引路。

there were voices down the corridor.沿着走廊传来阵阵说话声。

i thought i heard them say...我想我听到他们在说……

welcome to the hotel california!欢迎来到加州旅馆!

such a lovely place!多么美丽的地方!

such a lovely face!多么可爱的的面容!

plenty of room at the hotel california!加州旅馆有充足的房间!

any time of year,一年的任何时候,

you can find it here!你都能在这找到房间。

her mind is tiffany-twisted,她的心被珠宝所扭曲,

she got the mercedes Benz.她拥有豪华奔驰车。

she got a lot of pretty,pretty boys.她有许多帅气的小伙子。

that she calls friends.她称之为朋友。

how they dance in the courtyard,他们在庭院里翩翩起舞,

sweet summer sweat.夏日的香汗淋漓。

some dance to remember!有些翩翩为回忆!

some dance to forget!有些翩翩为忘却!

so I called up the captain,于是我叫来领班,

"please bring me my wine."请给我来些酒。”

he said,他说道,

"we haven't had that spirit here,他说我们这不供应烈酒

since nineteen sixty nine."从1969年起。

and still those voices are calling from far away.远处仍然传来他们的话语声。

wake you up in the middle of the night.在半夜把你吵醒。

just to hear them say只听到他们在说……

welcome to the hotel california!欢迎来到加州旅馆!

such a lovely place!多么美丽的地方!

such a lovely face!多么可爱的面容!

they livin' it up at the hotel california.他们在加州旅馆尽情狂欢。

what a nice surprise,好得令人吃惊,

bring your alibis.给你有来到这的借口。

mirrors on the ceiling,天花板上镶嵌着的镜子,

the pink champagne on ice.冰镇着的粉色香槟

and she said"we are all just prisoners here-她却说,我们在这里都是囚犯,

-of our own device".为自己欲望负债。

And in the master's chambers,在主厅大房间内,

they gathered for the feast人们举起狂欢之火,

they stabbed it with their steely knives.他们用钢刀挥刺着,

but they just can't kill the beast.却杀不死心中恶魔。

last thing i remember,我所记得的最后一件事

I was running for the door.是我跑向门口。

I had to find the passage back,我必须找到来时的路,

to the place I was before.回到我过去的地方。

"relax,"said the night man, “放松点吧,”看门人说,

"we are programmed to receive. “我们天生就受诱惑。

you can checkout any time you like,你随时都可以结束,

but you can never leave!"却永远无法挣脱!”




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