I love you like Snape loves Lily.


Hold on, little girl 等等,小女孩

Show me what he's done to you 告诉我,他对你做了什么

Stand up, little girl 坚强点,小女孩

A broken heart can't be that bad 心碎并没想象的那么糟

When it's through, it's through 既然已经成为故事,就随它去吧

Fate will twist the both of you 命运将会开启新的篇章

So come on, baby. Come on over 宝贝,请靠近我

Let me be the one to show you 让我告诉你.........

I'm the one who wants to be with you 我就是那个想和你在一起的人

Deep inside I hope you feel it too 深深期待你也感觉到

Waited on a line of greens and blues 路途漫漫 我已等候许久

Just to be the next to be with you (就让我成为)下一个一直陪伴你的人

Build up your confidence 重拾你的心情

So you can be on top for once 度过命运的难关

Wake up whom cares about 找出那些真正懂你的人

Little boys that talk too much 任由他们说吧(little boy此处指不懂得正真关心你的人)

I see it all go down 我看着一切平息下来

Your game of love was all rained out 你的爱情游戏已经不堪

So come on, baby. Come on over 请过来,宝贝!请靠近我

Let me be the one to hold you 让我紧紧地拥抱你

Why be alone when we can be together, baby 宝贝,既然可以在一起,何必独自忍受孤独

You can make my life worthwhile 你可以让我的生命更赋意义

And I can make you start to smile 我可以让你重拾动人的微笑